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On the Quebec side of the Ottawa River, facing Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, the Outaouais mixes the vibrant city lifestyle of Gatineau and the most beautiful natural scenery of Gatineau National Park. Winter and summer, it’s the perfect setting for canoeing, camping, swimming, hiking, skiing, snowshoeing and relaxing in an inn nestled in the forest. 

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Kenauk Nature — Outaouais

Kenauk Nature ENJOY LIFE... SURROUNDED BY NATURE! How about a remote five stars cottage on your private lake, including: canoes, kayaks, boat! Located in a wild reserve of 265 km2 (102 sq. mi.) with 65 lakes, explore the hiking trails, guided hike, introduce you to the joys of ...

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Rafting Momentum — Outaouais

Come and have an amazing day on Ottawa river! For the ultimate white water rafting experience on the most beautiful river in Quebec/Ontario! We will provide you with an unforgettable experience that will have you come back year after year! Ride big waves and catch the fresh air ...

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  • Forest Lodgings
  • Aquatic Activities
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