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 National Parks

Québec's 26 national parks are waiting for you. In all regions, these wide open spaces are located next to our cities, all the way to Québec's far north. They are the doorways to the diversity of our abundant natural habitats.

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 Forest Lodgings

Hosts from all regions welcome you with open arms, sharing the uniqueness and charm of their lodges. Blessed with thousands of lakes and located in the heart of the forest or the tundra, they take you back to another time with all the modern amenities. Whether you favour the rustic, the pampering or downright luxury, come and enjoy a weekend getaway in our natural surroundings.

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 Aboriginal Experiences

Do the terms Amerindian, Aboriginal or First Nations call to you? Québec's 11 Aboriginal nations welcome you to their 55 communities located throughout Québec. They graciously share their ancestral values of respect and hospitality. Come and move to the rhythm of a naturally authentic experience.

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 Aquatic Activities

Paddle to the rhythm of the currents, wind and tides on Québec's numerous lakes, rivers, and its mighty St. Lawrence. In perfect harmony with our surroundings, we embark, fully outfitted, on watercraft and set off to explore the thousands of kilometres of waterways meandering across Québec. Be one with nature and calmly decide where you will launch your craft.

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There are no less than 135,326 km2 (52,235 sq. mi.)of protected habitats to discover either by hiking, on horseback, on snowshoes or by bike. Put on your backpack and explore the thousands of kilometres of marked trails. Admire the fall colours, the blue skies high above winter's white carpet or the aurora borealis. Be inspired and let your spirit soak in Québec's nature.

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 Wildlife Observation

We love our animals: they are ever-present, precious and profuse. On your own or with a guide, come and observe our rich wildlife, sporting feathers, fur, antlers and/or humps. Moose, black bears, blue whales, snowy owls, the grey wolf... and so much more. Magnificent wildlife says it all.

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We don't know the meaning of fear. We glide down zip lines, cross suspended bridges and climb mountains. And when the first snow falls, we cross frozen lakes on snowmobiles. In spring, our raging rivers are ideal for rafting and kayaking. Here in Quebec, you will experience the greatest adrenalin rush in the best natural playground!

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 Winter Activities

We Québecers love the outdoors. We hurtle down wooded slopes and snow-covered hills. Fear is foreign to us. Snowshoeing, skiing and dogsledding are a way of life. When we head for lunch, we can just as well dig a hole in the ice and go ice fishing. Take a winter vacation in Québec and join us in various activities all across our vast, diverse land.

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QUEBEC OUTDOORS is perfect to plan your next holiday in nature, everywhere in Quebec!
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