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Parc national KuururjuaqNunavik and its Parks / Summer - Winter

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The Inuit call this region Torngait, which means “a place inhabited by the spirits.” Inuit legends and myths permeate this 4,000-km2 (1,544-sq. mi.) region. Mysterious and majestic, Parc national Kuururjuaq stretches from the sea to the heavens, near the northern tip of the Québec-Labrador Peninsula. The mountains, coast, tundra and turquoise waters of the Rivière Koroc offer charming and powerful landscapes that elicit truly dramatic emotions. The Rivière Koroc, an ancient Inuit travel route, has its own source high in the Torngat Mountains, a range dominated by Mont D’Iberville (1,646 m / 5,400 ft.), the highest peak in Eastern Canada.