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Summer in Baie-James /Eeyou IstcheeBaie-James and Eeyou Istchee

Eeyou Istchee Baie-James is an exotic tourism destination full of appealing challenges that inspire dreams of adventure and triumph. It features exhilarating landscapes and the greatest number of lakes and rivers in Quebec. Discover the region’s wildlife and plants as you hike along the many miles long of various trails.

Let experienced guides show you where to pick mushrooms or make your own bag of Labrador tea. Travel on water courses that showcase the beauty and uniqueness of the natural environment.

No doubt that the unique panoramas and this sensation of infinite freedom will let you escape like never before!

Must-see attractions:

• Les Écogîtes du Lac Matagami (Eco-lodges at Matagami Lake)
• Canoe routes in the La Turgeon Valley
• Wildlife interpretation and mushroom picking – FaunENord
Nuuhchimi Winnuu Cree Cultural Tours


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