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International Appalachian Trail - Quebec GR®A1

 International Appalachian Trail - Quebec GR®A1

650 kilometers of trails

Looking for an adventure which is well-fitted to your tastes and capacities?

Go to the discovery of the first GR® in America, the GR® A1! To explore this long-distance mountain hiking circuit, we offer self-guided hikes in the three territories (Valley, the Chic-Chocs and The Coast) and packages with a guide from 1 to 3 days of walking in the Chic-Chocs section of Gaspésie National Park and the Matane wildlife Reserve recognized as a mecca for hiking in Quebec.

Available activities:
Adapted to people with limited mobility
Doing it differently
Flora and fauna
Rustic cabins and cottages
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Contact :
968, Avenue du Phare Ouest,
Matane (Quebec) G4W 1V7

Activities offered by International Appalachian Trail - Quebec GR®A1

Service of self-guided hike on the IAT-Qc GR®A1

Service of self-guided hike on the IAT-Qc GR®A1

In partnership with:

Go to discover the firts GR® in America, GR®A1

To discover this long distance hiking trail, we propose a self-guided day hike, or several days, service on one of the three territories traversed by the IAT-QC (the Valley, the Chic-Chocs and the Cost) for singles, couples, families or groups of friends. The goal is to mentor you in the preparation of this hike and provide you the necessary information tools (hiking sheet with a topo map, road map, emergency plan, geolocation device "SPOT", briefing before departure, checking equipment, weather, etc.) so that hiking activities is safe and appropriate for your level of experience.

There are many choices of day hike and levels of difficulty. Some hikes consist of round trip, while others are in a loop, but we still have as a goal to reach a summits or an unforgettable view.

Guaranty departure from June 25th to September 30th, reservation needed 48h before.


Location fee for "SPOT" device apply.

From 20$/day

Hiking 4 days

Hiking 4 days

Chic-Chocs from shelter to shelter

Guided hikes packages of 4 days/4 nights, shelter to shelter  with luggage transport, in the Gaspésie National Park on the International Appalachian Trail.

For groups of 4 to 8 people, we offer security in isolated areas, several themes of interpretation and of course, the menu, which is made to be healthy. Our guides respect the norms of our association of professionals and at all times apply Leave No Trace principles.

Our hikes are classed intermediate to difficult.  They take place on uneven ground including slopes to climb and descend.  We walk between 4 and 8 hours a day, with an average distance of 15 kilometers per day.  Easier hikes are available upon request.

Between June 25th to September 30th on demand and depanding cabin disponibility at least 30 days before departure date. 

Guaranty departure as soon as with have 4 person.


Initiation to the long hike

Initiation to the long hike

Would you like to go on a long hike? Join a brand new training!

The International Appalachian Trail - Quebec (IAT-QC), long hiking trail, crossing the Gaspésie on 650 KM and offering 1 to 40 days of camping stages, or rustic shelters, wish to increase its traffic by promoting training autonomous hikers interested in this type of outdoor adventure.

This training is for hikers who wish to develop their skills, their knowledge and their experience to carry out a long-distance activity in autonomy.

This training is offered in semi-guided semi-coaching mode. The participant will be involved in all phases of the training to develop his autonomy.

  • Develop in the participant the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out a long-distance project
  • Accompany the participant in his learning process by promoting an authentic context of realization framed by a professional guide.
  •  Promote IAT-QC and its long-hike options

The training will last a total of 3 days and 2 nights, camping.
Participants must arrive prepared having received instructions to follow before the training.
The food is included and each participant will have a load of food to carry.
An offer of equipment for rent will be available (shop, IAT-QC, others).
A list of equipment to be provided will be provided to the participant.
Group material will be provided by IAT-QC

From 375$/pers or 465$/pers. with rental qeuipment