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Hôtel-Musée Premières NationsQuébec / Summer - Winter

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A 4 stars boutique-hotel, offer an aboriginal experience where you combine modernity with tradition. This hotel of 55 rooms and suites are all Riverview and it gives the impression to surrounded by nature even if its located 14 minutes drive to Old Quebec.

The gastronomy of La Traite restaurant has several awards and recognitions for the quality of their first nation inspired cuisine.  A surprising and modern concept of authenticity which reflects the attachment to the mother earth.

On evening, during summertime, First Nations dancing and drumming shows are presented in order to gives a memorable meeting between First Nations and our visitors, a memorable lifetime experience!


Myths and Legends
Live the experience of all senses. The discovery of gastronomy, history and comfort.

Ekionkiestha’ National longhouse overnight
Travel back in time, enjoy for a night what we lived during the pre-contact era.